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Your first online source for all things ANYA TAYLOR-JOY. She is an American-born Argentine-British actress and model. She is best known for her role as Casey Cooke in "Split" (2017), her lead role as Thomasin in "The Witch" (2015) and more recently in "The Queen's Gambit" (2020) playing Beth Harmon. Enjoy your stay!
Written by admin on November 21, 2020

The website added Beth Harmon as characters you can play chess against. Not just one Beth! From Beth at 8 playing in the basement to Beth at 22 playing at world championship, you can try and defeat her! I really like this feature and thought you would find it interesting and fun too (Truth be told: I can hardly beat 8 years old Beth…) Click here to play chess against Beth.

Anya has also shared a statement via Instagram recently about The Queen’s Gambit:

“I cannot begin to express how deeply moved I am by the reaction to The Queen’s Gambit. THANK YOU for the love you have shown Beth. We went on such an unbelievable journey together and I’m glad you folks buckled in for the ride 🤗

Sending love and healing to everyone out there, stay safe🐞🖤”

Finally, see all pics I’ve gathered so far from the show in the gallery: